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The art of cooking: nature and ingenuity at the table

Cooking, food...


...our ancestral cousins discovered fire or as told in Greek myths, Prometheus gave it to them by stealing it from the Gods, and this was the prelude to the birth of the art of cooking.

Several hundred thousand years have passed since then, and homo sapiens has come a long way in this direction.

It has gone from simple cooking, which improved digestive capacity and eradicated bacteria and whatnot, to creating true gastronomic combination between products of disparate natures.

All over the world, human beings have developed their knowledge and ingenuity to improve nature's products; they have become farmers and ranchers, increasingly abandoning their hunter-gatherer status; over time they have developed a true art of gastronomy and enology.

From China, from the territories between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and from Sicily came the first signs of grape processing and the resulting wine, from Mesopotamia the first signs of beer, and from all parts of our planet all sorts of dishes and foods emerged thanks to the intellectual abilities of our species.

In Italy the art of cooking has its "modern" origins in the Etruscans and Romans, and even today its influences are still felt especially in the heart of central Italy between Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. In these areas one can take real "trips" between recipes of the past and current derivations and innovations.

There one can find resorts and agritourism that have become, not only places where one can spend days immersed in all kinds of comfort and relaxation, or where one can practice sports for the pleasure and well-being of one's body and mind, but that have decided to transport and accompany people on a historical and cultural journey of the art of food processing through the table.

Ricetta dell'antichità

The art of cooking, which sees Italy as an absolute first-rate medieval and Renaissance center in the world (the first important medieval and Renaissance books of recipes come from "chefs" from Rome to Naples and from Mantua to Ferrara to the most contemporary and famous Pellegrino Artusi) is one of the highest achievements of human ingenuity, which has not been and is not satisfied with just eating, but desires and wants to enjoy to the fullest the quality and, all possible combination of what this planet of ours has always made available.

Cooking is a mix of history, learning, dedication, science, inventiveness, even necessity… is a real experience to which one does not pay much attention as it is inherent in a very close symbiosis surpassed only by the connection one has with water as a source of life and which human beings have elevated

from a necessary source to an art.

Cooking is a real journey in the path of history, and it is a journey that, besides never leaving one on an "empty stomach," is not to be missed...

...It is a train on which it is always worth getting on and letting yourself be carried away.


SL Academy Gourmet @lifestyle

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