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Colorado Man

...from Colorado to the Dolomiti...

This is the story of the of Colorado Man in his Giro delle Dolomiti along with his Team Bad Dreams draws on the nickname given in U.S. baseball to the "toughest" teams in the history of the sport.

Team Bad Dreams al Giro delle Dolomiti

Colorado and the Dolomites, what do they have in common?

Above all else the rocky peaks, forests, and green expanses of grass....

In Colorado everything exponentially larger, in the Dolomites everything in postcards of the highest value and quality.

Colorado home of absolute sport and cycling could not fail to have an ideal "twinning" with Italy and the Dolomites in this case, and in fact Colorado Man has placed its choice of a high-level tour in these very areas.

Who is Colorado Man?

Who is this person, this sportsman with a physique structured not only for cycling?

...He's someone you notice right away who stands out in the group, and the thought that goes through your

head is "This is someone who knows how to live life"...always smiling in the front row, always

"mounting" the pedals of his vehicle...always at the head of his Team composed of people on the same page, of different ages but with the same propensity to live moments of life with great strength and a lot of fun...this is what gives off and what strikes you about Colorado man and his...a week in this way between varied weather and climate, between pedaling and smiles profuse without limiting everyone and everything...

...a bliss and pleasure that spoke to you even without him uttering a word...then, when you were stopped, at a rest stop, or at the hotel he had a word for everyone and with everyone dispensing an aura of pleasant relaxation even after hours of riding and down hills.

Colorado Man's Life

A special and unique life, Michael Inglis a cyclist for 31 years, still bears the scar on his chin from the fall at age 5 that occurred on the downhill during a bike ride (a 20 km ride and 300 uphill) with his cyclist parents, who passed on to him the passion of cycling from the age of 3.

Passion that to this day leads him to travel the world, particularly in Europe, participating in the most fascinating races.

Passion that he shared with his wife Gwen for 14 years racing all over the United States, winning 4 national championships tandem category.

Gwen also won 3 championships competing in her age group.

Gwen and Michael Inglis

From that moment on, Colorado Man decided to participate in all the races that were on their "Bucket List" to do...a way to remember and make Gwen his traveling companion to this day!

The Tour of the Dolomites was one of them.... Colorado Man's next cycling adventure!!!

..and Team Bad Dreams


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