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Art of Culture

SL Academy Art of Culture @lifestyle

Art: a luxurious aesthetic journey from mind to humanity

Art is the highest luxury journey

that can spring from the mind of the human being


A journey that is priceless whatever amount one intends and can spend to savor or possess it.

Art is not just a matter of cost but of sensoriality, of pleasure for knowledge, of personal taste, of individual and collective qualities ranging from the painter to the solitary poet, from the sculptor to the architect, from the anthropologist to the linguist, from the geologist to the archaeologist, from the sportsman to the scientist...

...Art in its expressions is everywhere... is the ultimate manifestation of each person's intellect, creativity, skill, and blend

of physical and mental power...

Michelangelo and Picasso, Da Vinci and Galilei, Dante and Poe, Einstein and Freud, Eiffel and Jay Gould, Coppi and Federer, Maradona and Michael Jordan, have been and will forever be profusers of art and artists... a sculpture as much as a boat, a pyramid as much as a bridge, a painting as much as a poem, a sacred text as much as a novel, an archaeological find as much as a mathematical formula, a sound as much as a silence, a couture garment as much as a resort, an athletic gesture as much as a heroic act, is an art form.

Arte Natura
Arte del Vino
Architettura e cultura
arte del design

Art is an expression of an inner journey that each person experiences and expresses in his or her own way by creating something or doing something; enjoying the beauties and pleasures of life is also an art, perhaps even one of the highest expressions of art in that, often, it is the most difficult to grasp as the most coveted but the most elusive...

...taking a journey and experiencing it savoring every aspect of it is an art form...

...facing the waters and winds on a boat by immersing oneself in them is an art form, climbing peaks in the midst of nature on a bike or with crampons is an art form...

...enjoying the grapes from a vineyard or a product of the earth, a vacation discovering new places or savoring complete relaxation in nature or at a resort...

All these are forms of art, it just depends on how a person experiences things and how he expresses them by making them "flow out" of himself for himself and others. Everything, every situation can be experienced and done as an art form...with art... that is art... that is why it is not a "prize, a goal" for a few but for all.

Arte della meditazione
Cascate delle Marmore
Ca del Poggio
Arte del benessere or the arts, its expressions, its forms are everywhere...

...each of us is immersed in art, in our own personal art and in the art of others and of nature...

art is a journey, and every journey is a work, an art form that leaves a mark that is always indelible,

unmistakable, unique and personal.


SL Academy Art of Culture  @lifestyle

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