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Team Building

SL Academy Team building@lifestyle

The leverage of sports in business


The challenge with himself to get power

Creating synergies by correlating sports and cooking is likened to the symbiosis of work between various executives in a company.

Both correlations aim for maximum results through the pursuit of a balanced combination tending toward the maximum expression of abilities through commitment, pleasure, and both collective and personal satisfaction.

and it is precisely this aspect of the seemingly not simple union of personal drive and collective drive that, mixed in the right ways through competition and knowledge makes sports and cooking can be considered a basis of positive and even necessary contaminations for respectable team building and high values...

sports or rather more sports spur and teach the rules of competition, of both individual and team play, and cooking, with its art and stories, brings the knowledge of combining products through innovative and sometimes unconventional ideas

for results that are often as high quality as they are unexpected...

just what any company in any industry needs
all this can be likened to a kind of "research and development" that acts as the root and source for success...
...any success

a philosophy of synchronicity that, applied with this mode and purpose, brings, through (synchronicity) quality sports and cuisine to a plus for the body and mind that both the individual and the company cannot and should not do without for the improvement and pursuit of constant and lasting success.




"Taming a peak by pushing on the pedals, alone with your vehicle that is part of you against everything, the slopes, the hairpin bends, the weather, even against the part of yourself that, at times, says

"Enough", stop, give me a break, it's too much is like the lone sailor who "rides" the waves and "tames" the bad weather that comes his way relying only on his strength and trusting in his vehicle that, at times, seems tiny compared to the element in which he finds himself but together they go forward.


just like a cyclist who faces the enormity of peaks between passes to be reached that seem like coveted goals when he is beyond the threshold of his own maximum effort...


a challenge not only with himself but also with that nature that has shaped the scenery in which he finds himself and that he has decided to face over millions and millions of years...a majestic spectacle that seems to stand motionless before man telling him "I have been here since time immemorial..."

Vela Academy


Photography team building with Michele Dalla Palma


W&PS Cycling psycho-physical performance with two-time World Champion Gianni Bugno

SL Academy Gourmet @lifestyle

Personalized experiences of ancient and modern Art of Cooking

Creative & Sustainable Chef Art

Unrelesed Cooking Experiences

Architecture of the culinary arts

Una ragazza seduta in piscina di fronte al mare

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