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Tour of the Dolomites Cycling Experience
even with the Champions
Gianni Bugno and Claudio Chiappucci

A thought recurs in the mind of those who face the Tour of the Dolomites...

a thought that brings to mind the saying that what counts is the journey....

whoever takes on the pedals, whoever tackles the Tour of the Dolomites makes a perpetual journey

from when he leaves home to when he returns to his dear home....

This is the journey of every cyclist who starts from home and arrives at the foot of the Dolomites to continue his personal tour on the pedals of his vehicle, disassembled from the train, to be carefully "put back on his feet," ready to accompany him on the roads that unravel among green meadows, forests of ancient trees and majestic and monumental peaks in the heart of the spectacle of the Dolomites.

Among landscapes, villages, huts and picture-postcard passes that seem to be put there from time immemorial to totally envelop his mind and heart, make him feel lightly the fatigue of pushing on the pedals uphill, the control of his "mount" downhill in the company of a captain, his guide on the flagship and other cyclists.

As the miles and days went by, they became more and more companions with whom to share fatigue, joy and sensations....

These are his words etched on paper of his encounter with the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites, its landscape, its roads, its food, its people, its places and their souls....

This is the landscape, these are the feelings and emotions that flow from the Gior delle Dolomiti and some of its participants...

it will be here below that, through their stories, their images, their moods during this cycling and human journey, one will find the narrative of an engagement, of a vacation, of a gentle ride, of moments of pedaling, of relaxing among hills, peaks and gentle meadows, of culinary refreshments gushing from the territory, of dwellings where one can rest both in body and mind, of new encounters and friendships in the making...


all of this is the Giro delle Dolomiti, and below are their stories to describe and tell about it!

Colorado Man                       Remko Peter                              Kim

Remko l'Olandese
Manuel: il Pellegrino
Kim dal Belgio

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Cycling Experience

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