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SL Academy Incentive @lifestyle

The harmony of elegance and the art of sharing 


The Journey Event


Not just a trip, but emotions, relaxing leisure, regenerating pleasure of the mind and body after an intense and demanding period

Is a gift to be savored and experienced or, better, shared

Exclusive and personalized experiences, sports with professionals, evocative activities, artistic tastings

Time to spend towards the future, where harmony and cohesion become part of the journey and the team

sl academy incentive ca del poggio
sl academy gianni bugno incentive
spa e relax

"A ride on a 50-foot sailboat on a pleasantly windy and sunny day floating among waves that lull you by granting a gentle roll

the expanse of the sea with its quiet movement in a dynamic perennial stasis

the coast and islands that you caress with your gaze by helming, caulking or adjusting the sails


What does all this have to do with a bike tour of the Dolomites someone may think Different means, different physical aptitudes, different nature. ..yes and no but that has little relevance because it is enough to identify with the sensations, with the majesty of nature, with the sense of joy and peace that comes from the senses captured by being immersed in these contexts that one immediately intuits how everything is similar, how everything has the same strength, how everything releases the same strong and enveloping emotions."

Villa al tramonto
Vino e formaggi

With SL Academy's treasures, your Event Journey is realized with the utmost customization


SL Academy Gourmet @lifestyle

Personalized experiences of ancient and modern Art of Cooking

Creative & Sustainable Chef Art

Unrelesed Cooking Experiences

Architecture of the culinary arts

Una ragazza seduta in piscina di fronte al mare

@Luxury is The Essence


Where luxury meets quality of life 

Exclusive events and customized programs on request

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