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SL Academy Philosophy


The Secret of Luxury

In syncretism lies the very essence of luxury and high quality...

it might seem strange this way of conceiving luxury but,

it takes only a little to realize that only through a well-measured mix of the best does one get

the perfect cocktail and this mix is given by ingredients that, often,

do not have or do not give an immediate correlation in the basic vision.


Luxury is the opposite of a basic or maximalist vision....

is the goal of an extreme summit, of an exclusive island,

of a place of the all but not for all, of the refined and circumscribed possibility....


luxury is an exclusive club where one does not enter without a member class that represents not only a membership in something special but encompasses a meaning that embraces and contains the results of lives qualitatively lived and to be lived.

Whether it is an event, team building, life style, incentive or experience at the root of building and

organizing each of these areas is syncretistic thinking.


Luxury is achieved and obtained because one has built something special, because one is something special,

because one has fought for one's own beliefs...

for one's own way of thinking and understanding life as a kind of secular religion.


It is on the basis and from this philosophy that the world of SL Academy

was born and is being developed in itinere.

SL Academy is the jewelry store


the atelier where you can find unique and personalized pieces and parures

precisely because the philosophy of syncretism that has permeated its birth is and remains that of a purposeful and ameliorative becoming between research and development of proposals and solutions seamlessly sounding out and mixing what seems , at times, disjointed but which has at its base the same thought,

the same starting point...

The continued pursuit of the best wherever it may be!

Una ragazza seduta in piscina di fronte al mare

@Luxury is The Essence


Where luxury meets quality of life 

Exclusive events and customized programs on request

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