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Gulf of the Poets: sapphires and emeralds between Versilia and Cinque Terre "Unesco Heritage Site"

So much has been written and described about this Gulf, about these lands that have at their borders the Versilia of Forte dei Marmi and the Cinque Terre ideally as far as Portofino...

So much has been told about its coasts, its villages from Tellaro to Monterosso, its landscapes facing and leaning towards an ever-blue sea.

So much has been written about its splendors lived and built by personalities from all over the world and all eras...writers, scientists, philosophers, show business personalities, actors, painters, Casanova, intellectuals, tycoons...

...from Dante to Henry James, from Mendelssohn to Wagner, from film director Mario Sodati to journalist Indro Montanelli via Pasolini, from Botticelli and his Simonetta who inspired him for the "Birth of Venus" to landscape painter William Turner...

Gulf created by nature with destiny written in imperishable memory in history!

So much has been written about all this as little has been written and is written about its roads, places, mountains, valleys and landscapes that are part of it and frame and protect it from the outside world... to fully enjoy them, to live them and discover the routes that, like veins and arteries connect all the villages, creeks, hills and every ravine of this strip of land and sea, to breathe the air only a "walker on the pedals" with his trusty bike companion can do so by fully immersing himself in all this.

Unique Expereince

Between Versilia, Lunigiana and the Cinque Terre, on their roads, among their hills lies a unique structure that could do nothing other than call itself Golfo dei Poeti Relais & SPA.

It is not a simple Relais, it is a unique point, a reference point from which to live observe and depart to discover and savor the enchantment of places and stories that have never oasis where to luxuriously relax on that Monte Marcello that dominates this Gulf and these lands, where few are lucky enough to be

A Relais from which to depart each day and arrive each afternoon with the feeling and awareness of always being in tune with everything that emanates from this strip of nature always in tune with the human being.




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