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Experience Valdobbiadene

There are two very special places with distinct characteristics from which to pedal or otherwise

depart to or from Valdobbiadene...

Casa Daisy in Castelcucco; a renovated 1800s farmhouse where, when you stay overnight, you are greeted by Barbara and Massimo with a bottle of their own-produced prosecco (their high quality but limited production of 3000 bottles a year can be found at their Bottega del Prosecco 3 venti in Valdobbiadene and where spending the night or a few days is a pleasure for the spirit.

The other is right in the heart of Valdobbiadene whose square separates it from the cathedral...

the Hotel Diana, which stands as an oasis with its green garden in the center of town. An ideal

starting point, after eating a sublime breakfast also in the dehor, to begin a journey into the

world of Prosecco DOCG vines.

These two facilities grant, in distinct versions, an ideal choice for every type of person and for

every way of understanding and facing a tour among the scents and colors of the nature of

these places.



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