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Gianni Bugno "Sport Wear"

"made in Italy" sportwear


SL Academy Gianni Bugno clothing produced and designed by TO FIT Company. 


A 100% Italian company specialized in the production of technical sports clothing for cycling. Creativity, Innovation and Challenge to train like a pro a in favor of a sustainable lifestyle and Responsible Living. 

Request your SL Academy Gianni Bugno uniform personalized with your name.

by TO FIT Company

Creativity because "made in Italy" is a trademark of know-how "in the Italian way" and it is the extra pinch with which TO FIT Company deals with customized sportswear for teams and sports clubs that practice cycling, triathlon and athletics. This quality seal reflects the dedication and craftsmanship of our local production.


Challenge because we always like to face situations that allow us to overcome our limits. Passion for sport and quality craftsmanship guide every aspect of our production. Our products are manufactured with the utmost accuracy, resulting highly technical and compliant with the highest quality standards.


Excellence, Passion and QualityThese are the elements of the journey towards absolute sporting comfort and one step further towards success!


clothing Gianni Bugno


"made in Italy"


"multi sports"

maglia tecnica

Maglietta manica corta

Gianni Bugno - To Fit


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divisa tf 2.jpg

Pantalone tecnico

Pantaloncino tecnico corto (disponibile anche lungo invernale)

Gianni Bugno - To Fit


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gilet tecnico

Gilet senza maniche

Gianni Bugno - To Fit


mantellina tecnica

Mantellina tecnica

Gianni Bugno - To Fit


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Tropical Resort

@Luxury is The Essence


Where luxury meets quality of life 

Luxury events and customized programs on request

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